Christmas Jams

Every year prior I dressed the kids up for Santa pics.  But last year I saw two littles in their pajamas.  It was so sweet and seemed so much more magical to me. Therefore going forward Christmas Jams it is.

And of course we have to find super cute matching ones!.

This year I found a new site that has the cutest options… 1) because even the older kids and adults can have unis and 2) because there is a little surprise on the tush!

Matching Pajamas
Kid’s Slippers

Monkeyin’ Around

Halloween is over so you may be thinking way to be behind the ball on this post.  BUT…after Halloween can be the best time to purchase costumes for the following year.

Our culdesac throws a big bash every year and everyone gets in the spirit by dressing up (even the adults).

We went with these super comfy and absolutely adorable Sock Monkey costumes from Chasing Fireflies.  They were perfect for the brisk fall evening as well.

Neither kid complained about their costume either which is a huge win in my book.

Sock Monkey - Kids.jpg


These are majorly on sale right now so I’d scoop them up soon!


Adult Women’s Sock Monkey Costume
Adult Men’s Sock Monkey Costume
Girl Sock Monkey Costume
Toddler Boy Sock Monkey Costume


Because every Superhero needs a sidekick…

Matching Superhero jammies are perfect year round but especially as we near Halloween!

Boys Spiderman PJs
Wonder Woman PJs

Last Summer Fling

We took the kids to the beach for their first time and for a last summer fling.  It was definitely a fun (yet completely exhausting) vacation.  Let’s be real – this was a trip.

The weather was perfect and we spent almost every morning running around the beach.

We received so many compliments on the kid’s matching swimsuits.  Madison’s fit her true to size but for Hunter’s I did size up TWO… mostly because I like a little longer short (and as you can see they still aren’t that long).

Toucan Swimsuits:

Girl’s One-Piece Swim Suit
Boys Swim Trunks 

A Rawr-ing Good Time

Yesterday we ventured as a family to the DINOSAURS REVEALED exhibit at Union Station.  We decided to park at my work and take the Kansas City Streetcar. It has been such a wonderful addition to KC and the kids thought it was super cool.

The large moving dinosaurs were very impressive. Hunter thought it was pretty much the best thing ever and Madison said she wished there would have been princesses haha.

Girl’s Dino Dress –
Girl’s Jelly Mary Janes –
Baby Girl’s Dino Dress (not pictured) –
Toddler Boy’s Towelling Dino Shorts –
Toddler Boy Tee (Similiar as actual is out of stock) –
Native Miles Shoes –